What is #WritersWise?

The fortnightly tweet-chat lasts for an hour (9-10pm GMT) using the hashtag #WritersWise. Different topics and genres are explored in every chat. Crime fiction, fantasy fiction, historical fiction, memoir, young adult and children’s ficion, sci-fi, short stories and yes… erotica.
Advice and writing tips come from award-winning, best-selling authors who guest-host and who have been most generous with their time and knowledge, though some of the best advice can also come from the emerging writers. It’s a free-flowing and adaptable format, and the discussion can take unexpected directions.


What is #Indulgeinwriting?

#Indulgeinwriting is an exclusive members only space for writers at all stages of their writing lives. Join for 6 weeks – 6 months for a planned calendar of online events which will help writers build their confidence, knowledge, social networks and writing CV.

At #Indulgeinwriting you will;

  • Build your own writing life.
  • Connect with established and establishing writers.
  • Have real, sustained support at your finger-tips from those who ‘get writing’.
  • Join our wonderful community for links and expert advice on writing and getting published.

Build your writing life and #Indulgeinwriting with me and the other members.


There will be no hard sell or pressure to upgrade to 3 mth or 6mth membership during your 6 weeks introduction.

#Indulgeinwriting 2018 proved to be a very successful format. It is a welcoming, safe place to write and learn more. It is that simple.

#Indulgeinwriting is where you can build your writing life from the comfort of your own home.

  • During three month membership there will be access to an agent event and also a top publisher event online.
  • Meet writers who have succeeded in their writing careers – those who write for pleasure and those who are on the road to publication.
  • Hear, see and learn skills from established people in the writing industry.
  • Network and build your writing CV/brand.
  • Have access to private social media forums for tips and opinions on your pieces.
  • Establish your social media networks and expand your knowledge of writing.
  • Enter group writing contests.
  • Get confidence and support to GET writing.

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