Can love really conquer all?
When Charlie Quinn returns to Northern Ireland, having spent sixty years in Canada, the people he left behind are shocked to see him. They presumed he was dead.

But Charlie has come back for one reason, Ella, the love of his life and a notorious child murderer. She is back in the headlines and Charlie wants the truth to finally emerge.

As he looks back at his life, we learn that nothing is as it seems.

Is Ella really a killer?

Does Charlie know more than it appears?

And can two lost souls get to live happily ever after?

Life isn’t easy. But death is the most challenging thing of all…

Sharon Thompson is also the author of the critically acclaimed thrillers The Abandoned and The Healer. The Quiet Truth is a dark and suspenseful family drama which will appeal to fans of authors like; Stuart Turton, Tana French and Anthony Horowitz.

Want to write?

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Make progress in your writing now.

Writers who work with me have; found an agent, self-published, built a writing CV, got the book finished, or made it all the way to publication.

We can establish where you at, where you want to be, and how you can get there. Invest in yourself and make progress for 2021.

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“…I feel like I have turned a corner and can see my writing a lot more clearly. So thank you so much for all of your help and encouragement – it has made a world of difference to me!!!” Linda Green. Book blogger and emerging writer.


I submitted my short stories to Woman’s Way in 2020 and they got published! I read the magazine and pay for it to be delivered. It was thrilling to see my stories included twice. It’s a leading, Irish magazine. It features lots of literary news. Having my story in the midst of writing and writers is very exciting!

The magazine editor seems to like – 800 words and a story with a clear arc or plot from descriptive beginning, solid middle, and nice satisfying ending. My two stories were different in tone. The first was in my usual dark historical fiction style called “Small Expectations” and the other was a fun modern rom-com “My Agent Called.”

You don’t get paid for these stories and your name is in very small print along the side – but if you want validation and to be published – this is a quick, easy and pleasing way to add to your confidence and CV. Sometimes these smaller works spark off a novel for me. Dip your toe in the water with 800 words and see if your idea works. But, don’t get disillusioned if it is not accepted as it all depends on other stories published, what they are currently looking for, or lots of other business decisions that may have nothing to do with your stories.

When you submit it may take a while to hear back and also it may not be in the magazine for many months – so leave time and patience aside for waiting. Also, if it is for a seasonal time, submit at least six months early and say it is for Xmas, Valentine’s Day or Easter etc.

I’m hoping some ideas come for fun pieces, as I enjoy writing and submitting my short stories.

Published May 2020 – submitted January 2020.



Published October 2020 – submitted March 2020.

Sharon Thompson signs with Poolbeg Books, Ireland.
The first book in the contract called The Murdering Wives Club will kick off The Sinful Roses series with a bang.

Paula Campbell the publisher at Poolbeg books has acquired the world English rights to The Murdering Wives Club. This novel will be published in January 2021, with further titles throughout the year. Despite lockdown, Thompson’s agent Trace Literary Agency brokered the deal.

The Murdering Wives Club is a gripping historical crime novel about a support group for women who wish to murder their husbands. The women wish to create victims rather than be them. But does it all go to plan? Returning from the trenches in WW2, Laurie Davenport is blind and traumatised. He is also convinced that his wife Charlotte wants to kill him. A convicted Irish murderer called Eve Good has started talking about her involvement in a group of murdering wives. How will she shed light on Laurie’s quest for answers? Can a blind, amateur detective survive the hidden depravity surrounding the courageous men of the 1940s?

Early readers say, “Thompson, as always finds strong female characters to give voice to. The plot is lavished with period detail, but she takes the reader on a journey of discovery with a blind, amateur sleuth… What is not to love about a historical crime novel where women are in charge? Yet again, Thompson has ticked the box for me on gritty, dark, and haunting themes.”

Sharon adds, “I’m thrilled that the Sinful Roses series has found its home. Poolbeg Books realise the potential of women creating crimes. I’m enjoying working with Poolbeg’s editor and publishing team. And, I cannot wait for readers to have this series of escapist reads.”

Another of Thompson’s works called The Quiet Truth is set to be published on 9th December 2020, with Bloodhound Books UK.

“This means that my readers will have a novel from me, in December 2020 and January 2021. I’m very proud of The Quiet Truth and my backlist of two best-selling novels with Bloodhound,” Sharon says. “I aim to work closely with them on further titles and I adore the cover for The Quiet Truth which will be revealed soon. It’s all getting exciting.”

Described as a domestic suspense novel, it has a male protagonist.

When Charlie Quinn returns to Northern Ireland, having spent sixty years in Canada, the people he left behind are shocked to see him. They presumed he was dead. But Charlie has come back for one reason. Ella, the love of his life and a notorious child murderer is back in the headlines and Charlie wants the truth to finally emerge. Life isn’t easy. But death is the most challenging thing of all…

#TheQuietTruth is set to pre-order on 11th November with a launch date of the 9th December.



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Hullo all,


It’s been a while and I have news!

Some I can tell you… some I cannot divulge just yet.

But, what a crazy world we are living in? How are you all? Stay safe has a whole new meaning now – hasn’t it?

If you are working from home, do you enjoy it? Are you productive? Most writers I know work from home. This is familiar territory to me. I like being home all day and I wrote during lockdown. In the middle of it I was lucky enough to sign a contract with Bloodhound Books for my third novel with them.




The Quiet Truth is the title and my main character is a male this time. He is called Charlie Quinn. It is set in Ireland and Canada and is a dual-timeline, drifting (seamlessly of course)  from 1990s to 1930s and back again. While I wait on the edits, cover design, blurb, and other promotional things from Bloodhound, I am writing another manuscript. I’m at the stage where it is exciting and new. I won’t be here long because the characters nudge me to come back to them. There are three main voices and one in the wings and right now they are all cross that I am tinkering with websites and blogs for another novel that isn’t theirs.

I will have my third novel in the world in three months. Writing that is wonderful. I work hard – but so do many other writers. I am grateful.

There will be lots more to follow.

Until you hear from me again, stay safe and keeping writing/reading. xx


To be content is my over-arching goal for 2020.

Writing contents me.

This year I will write and bring back that feeling of contentedness.

For a while now, I’ve wanted to achieve, to succeed, to move forward. Then I realised that none of that made me happy. I was busy… but I was not sure what I was busy doing or why I was doing it! I thought everything would find its place, its purpose and that I’d work hard at making all the threads work somehow. They didn’t. I was floundering.

Discussing my life goals with Kirsten de Bouter I came to the conclusion that I was so busy with other things that I failed to write. Yet I knew and know the simple truth – writing makes me content.

Therefore, for 2020 I aim to write and write/talk about writing. That’s all. 

Yet…. writing workshops have been happening. I’ve run a writing tweet chat #WritersWise for years and have interviewed and listened to other writers’ wisdom. But now, it has come to the time when people wish to hear what I have to say.


Workshops (and actually giving them) has popped into my life. The fear of failure is ripe in my brain and the anguish of not writing is always close by, but I’ve given-in to believe in my abilities. Following my gut and trying new things has gripped me since I gave up my teaching job. This is just another facet of being adventurous.

I’ve learned each topic the hard way. I’m not ‘an expert’ but I present material on the trials and tribulations I found as I went/go along. Experience, empathy, and energy for the topic is important to me. I write and talk on what I’ve learned through lived mistakes and triumphs. My teaching experience for 16+ years ensures the workshop facilitation echoes my past life and I’m enjoying the process!

With guest-hosting or co-hosting events with others, I continue to learn and thrive.

Workshops and events – what kind … I hear you ask?

Since the start of 2020 I’ve lead/co-hosted a few separate writing-related events.

  • Patricia Greene, better known as @thewebclubguru asked me to co-host a face-to-face half-day workshop in Burt, Donegal. The topic was ‘Getting Content Ready 2020.’  If you needed website advice and writing website content, we covered lots on this intense, but intimate day.
  • January 23rd and the first Well Expo 2020 saw me speaking about my own writing for wellness and how others might start the same. This was a totally different experience and introduced me to lots of varied and interesting people.
  • I moderate the FREE Do Life Differently group for the author and life-change expert, Kirsten de Bouter. Do Life Differently Facebook group. We host FREE events online on various topics like this one – Make this a year to change career Make-this-the-year-to-change-career

In between all of the above – I am writing. Roll on the rest of 2020.

To summarise – I wish to help you feel content – so join some/all of these

I’ll be back again soon,

@sharontwriter x

Ps. I’d love to hear from you. Comment below or email me



1. Make a simple strategy

Top, meaningful content doesn’t write itself. It takes time and effort. Having an overview of your year’s goals can seem difficult but a website will just sit there unless you make it more visible.

What work do you want your website to do? – Is it just to build connections online? Is it to increase your brand awareness?

  • Pick an overall aim.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Research how to achieve your aims but don’t over complicate things.
  • Use keywords and phrases in headlines and work them into your copy/posts.
  • Consistently update your content to help readers and algorithms find you.
  • Share links to your content and offer value.

2. Pick a style or voice

Are you a serious person? Chatty? Professional? Your website and its content must reflect your business/your personality. That said it should also be geared to pleasing your ideal customer (and perhaps that is not who you are at all). Decide on the correct voice for your content. Stick on brand. Provide top, meaningful content for your target customer.

3 Use images and graphics

Pictures. We all like them. We scroll and our eyes fall first on images. Find graphics that work with your piece and use variations on these to share on social media. (You may need to buy images).

Graphics & images can be found here – 
Pixabay & Unsplash (free images), Bigstock (paid)


Power Point

4 Does each post/article have a call to action? A purpose?

We all can ramble on but what do you wish to achieve with each post? For instance, my purpose is helping you (and me) get content ready for 2020. BUT… I’m also letting you know of our Interactive, online hour on Getting Content Ready  on 4th Feb 2020 1pm BST.

This one-hour online workshop will teach you what content to create for your website, blog & social media in 2020 to get the attention you need online.

Why you should attend this online hour during your lunch break.

  • You know you should be creating more content but don’t know what to write or when to post it
  • You’re always meaning to write a blog or social media post but just can’t seem to get the time to do it
  • Your competitors are getting found on Google but your website is nowhere to be seen?
  • You’re confused about what to write, how to write and just a little bit scared of that blank screen in front of you?!
  • If you identify with any of the list above, then this is the reason you should attend the workshop. Let’s get you moving from stuck to getting it done for 2020!.

What You Will Learn:

  • What is content and why it is necessary to have consistently good content.
  • How to plan, structure & create content – headlines, blogs, and compelling messages
  • How to use content to get found ahead of your competitors on Google
  • How to get noticed on social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter
  • How to write articles that appeal to your ideal customers, and get you noticed as the best in your business.
  • How to create a content calendar.

Who is this Workshop for?

This event is for entrepreneurs and business people who need to market their business! It’s ideal for any of the following or similar business types:

Professional Services/Business Consultants, Life or Personal Development Coaches, Health & Wellness Professionals, Design & Craft Makers/Writers, Interior Designers, Branding or Creative Media Professionals, Virtual Assistants, Entrepreneurs etc

Who are the facilitators?  We are Sharon Thompson & Patricia Greene.

Author of number one bestsellers, The Abandoned & The Healer, Sharon Thompson is the founder of Indulgeinwriting an online writing community and is co-founder of #Writerswise a trending Tweet-chat featuring published authors and guests. Sharon writes for leading websites, has short stories published and hosts writing events.

Patricia Greene has 20 years experience in web design and SEO via her website & online marketing business. Patricia founded The Web Club to support women in business to grow their business via digital marketing strategies and techniques. She is passionate about supporting women and is an active advocate and supporter of women in business networks throughout Ireland. She is a recent past chair of Women in Enterprise.

Register on this link to save your space on the online hour.

*Early bird fee is €20. Full fee €27.


5. Write & proof-read your posts

I am now panicking about typos and spelling!

These two apps make our writing better. The Hemingway app loves an active voice! (Keep away from words with ‘ed’ on the end.)

Hemmingway App:

Punctuation matters. Please spend time on editing & re-drafting your pieces. I’m off to check mine (I always miss something!)


Of course, there are many more tips and tricks to good content writing. I’ll explore them again.

Other things to do right now;

  1. Make sure to subscribe to this website for my regular newsletter
  2. Follow the 5 top meaningful tips here and start writing your content
  3. We’d also love to see you save your online spot for the Getting Content Ready Hour. Register here


Successful workshop Jan 10th

We had a face-to-face workshop in Burt, Donegal on Getting Content Ready 2020. The feedback was positive and prompted us to plan for an hour online. Join during your lunch break for many more top, meaningful content tips. Click HERE

Feedback –

“Really enjoyed the workshop and I got great pointers for my website. You know your stuff.”

“People who couldn’t attend missed out. Refreshing day with lots of interesting tips.”

“I left with a plan and knowledge of how to start writing posts.”

“I needed to know how to write a bio, general content and consistent material for my website. Thank you.”


Content Ready Online Hour.

More meaningful tips on content writing.

My first Writing Workshop 2020 will take place in Donegal Town, Abbey Hotel on January 23rd.

It will be part of Well Expo 2020. Cool huh?


Enter your email address at the very bottom of the post


in the pop-up box to win 2 tickets!

(Draw is on 10th Jan)




I aim to keep it simple.

  • There will be a talk on my use of writing towards wellness – How I started to write, where it has gone and where it is now.
  • This will cover; journaling, blogging, short-story writing, publication on websites/magazines, self-publishing, getting novels traditionally published and lots more.

*For the workshop. We will; 

  • explore how writing can help mental health, self-awareness, relationships and realising ambitions
  • have a short discussion on dealing with criticism and providing constructive critique .
  • complete warm-up writing exercises and use a choice of short writing prompts to start the writing adventure. 

Here is what the Well Expo Donegal 2020 website says about the day’s events and workshops.

“Make 2020 your Healthiest Year Yet! Listen to inspiring speakers and experts in Mental Health, Fitness and Wellness from across Ireland. Learn how you can implement small but steady changes to create your ideal life resulting in better health, relationships, work, and family balance. This event is for everyone, including parents, teenagers, adults and families looking to add to their health and life toolkit.

At this event you will discover:

  • How to enhance mental clarity, increase energy, and reduce stress through acupuncture, and other complementary therapies
  • How to improve well being, physical and mental health through mindfulness
  • The power of writing for mental health
  • What is going on with your teenager and how you can help them
  • The link between coordination and mental agility in small children
  • Everything you need to know between pregnancy to menopause.”

*The plans may change, depending on the group and set up on the day but it will be welcoming, informal and fun.


Please come along and be involved. Be mighty for the New Year!


Enter your email address here for a chance to win 2 tickets to Well Expo 2020.

Draw will be Jan 10th.

Thank you x 




#Indulgeinbooks list this time is from three, top, romance writers – who are also members of my #Indulgeinwriting online writing club.

All three writers worked hard to get these reads published. They vary in style, heat, and time-line, therefore there should be something below for most lovers of romantic reads.

Bernadette Maycock’s contemporary romance is a romantic comedy. Susie Beech takes the reader right back to the era of castles and knights while Penny Best delves into the depths and constraints of rural Ireland in the past.

All are reasonably priced and available only on Kindle.

Well done to my fabulous Indulgers!


Bernadette Maycock’s latest novel.

Pushing her Luck to purchase here.

Holly Caulfield has won the Irish National Lottery and sets in motion a plan to save the village of Abbeyglen. But who would have thought that giving money away could be so difficult?

With a resident’s association that’s clamouring for more and more money, an old lady who’s decided that a dream cruise is in her grasp and a couple who may not want that dream wedding after all, Holly’s finding it hard to keep it together!

With a new love interest and an ex-husband hot on her heels, it’s up to Holly to figure out what can truly make her happy.



Wild Irish Lust Trilogy of Romance Novellas.

The Wild Irish Lust Series – For lovers of hot steamy romance short reads.

Book One – All for Her
ONE sassy seductress

TWO rugged twin brothers

THREE the magic combination that keeps Minnie’s veracious sexual appetite satisfied and the Tandy twins begging for more!

Wild, lustful Minnie wants them ALL FOR HER, BOTH FOR HER & MORE FOR HER

ALL FOR HER – the sizzling first novella of the racy Wild Irish Lust Series. Enchantress Minnie Hatton, 22 has her eyes on the forbidden rugged Tandy twins. Set in 1930s Ireland, Minnie longs to marry secure, stable Edward while keeping Ernest, his reckless identical twin as her lover. Standing in her way – her controlling mother and a DARK past that left her traumatised and mute. Finding other ways to communicate her needs and desires, the Tandy twins are left in no doubt that Minnie means business. Wanting to share her bed, tensions run high on the Tandy farm between the handsome brothers who vie for Minnie’s attention. All the while an old family SECRET is revealed which could cause their special three-way relationship to come crashing down. Will Minnie have to choose between her rugged farming men? Or can naughty Minnie have the best of both worlds -all the lust she can handle and all of the true love that she deserves?


Bewitched by Lady Rowena by Susie Beech.

A heroic knight returning from the Crusades, an arranged marriage, and a runaway bride who is determined to take charge of her own destiny. A sassy and sexy Medieval love story.
Medieval Castle Romance novella: Book 1 in the Brides of Harpend Court series

Armand de Beaufort, loyal knight of King John has been rewarded for his faithful duty during the Crusade in the Holy Lands. All the lands belonging to his old enemy, Raulf d’Agincourt are his prize, including the hand of Raulf’s fair widow, Lady Rowena.

Lady Rowena d’Agincourt despised her dead husband and has no desire to meekly accept the hand of her new husband. Instead, she flees to the countryside to take charge of her own destiny; she will decide when or if she will return to Harpend Court and Armand.

Armand might have prospered in battle, but is he ready for the challenges Lady Rowena will throw at him?

Set in 1205, Bewitched by Lady Rowena is set in the heart of the English countryside when fairy tales and folklore, myths and superstitions were a part of everyday life.

Brides of Harpend Court Series

Bewitched by Lady Rowena
Captivated by Lady Tabitha (Spring 2020)
Devoted to Lady Ysabella (Spring 2020)




Writers need content for themselves. We talk and write about the BLANK page. Blankety-blank. We all know the sight or the feeling of it. Yet we create all the time. The list of places that need content is endless these days. Sites, magazines, newspapers, and publishers – The whole shebang takes time and effort.

Us writers write great content! We type, scribble, edit (drink gin) and usually have lovely words for other sources. NOW, before you holler at me, yes I know we need to be seen elsewhere and it is good to be writing for others. COURSE it is (Many kind people give us space in their world or pay us for content).

But… then as the tenth gin drains from the glass, we remember our own website. Blankety-Blank for months! EEK

Writers need content for themselves.

In my (not so) humble opinion, both meanings of the word are vital for us. We need “to be content” as well – We are valued, valuable and validated when asked to write for others BUT we also need to start by being content with ourselves first.

And by ‘we’ I mean ‘me’. 🙂

Writing content for our blogs was where this whole blogging craze started (if I remember correctly)? I for one am I’m back here and would love a few sign-ups to my newsletter. As an incentive, I’ve two tickets to WellExpo 2020 for grabs. (There will be another post on this soon).

Filling in your email address will add you to the draw for the tickets and sign you up for my newsletter.

5 scary, thrilling reads from Irish authors.

Children’s/Young Adult book.

Nightmare Realities 2: More Scary Stories for Dark Nights

Can you take off the mask?
Will you escape the spooks of Drewbury Lane?
Can you tell game from the reality?
The Nightmare Giving Demon is back with another collection of scary stories perfect for sharing on dark nights.
Are you brave enough to read more than one?
The Suicide Pact by David B Lyons. Purchase here.
It’s every parent’s worst nightmare.
Best friends Ingrid and Ciara hate their lives.

They’re being bullied at school and resent their parents for bringing them into this world.

So, they’ve made a pact: tonight – at midnight – they’re going to end it all. And nobody will be able to stop them.

Except, perhaps, for former detective Helen Brennan, who overhears a phone call that ignites memories of her darkest days.

She’s determined to find these two girls, so she can stop them doing what her son Scott did twenty-two years ago.

The problem is, she doesn’t know who the girls are. Or where they are.

She only knows she has until midnight to save them.

…And the clock is ticking.

The Suicide Pact will make you want to hug your children… and never let them go


The thrilling new bestseller from acclaimed crime writer Louise Phillips. 

Abby Jones, a young nanny from a small town outside Boston, is the last person with infant Jacob Rotterdam when he becomes seriously ill. Within hours, tragically, he dies, and Abby is charged with his murder.

Heather Baxter, her defense attorney, knows the case is not as clear cut as the Assistant District Attorney claims, and with enormous media attention on the trial, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

When Heather digs deeper, the shadows of her own past, and her mother’s unsolved murder 25 years earlier, in the same small town, begin to unravel with deadly consequences, placing both Heather, and her young client in danger.

Will Heather find the link between Abby and what happened to her mother all those years before? And will Abby walk free?

Daughter of the Storm. Young Adult book. Tina Callaghan.
Lia needs to find out why her father jumped from the cliff onto the Devil’s Teeth rocks below. The only way to understand what happened is to go to the isolated weather-beaten island herself.

However, there’s more to the island than cliffs and storms and history. It also has its close-knit people. Like Ed, a young man who’s troubled and almost ready to leave; Lia’s Uncle Harry and his secretive friends; heavily pregnant Becky and her worried parents Rose and Frank.

Everyone is either dreading the violent winter storms to come or, strangely, praying for them.

And then there’s the Hall, the crumbling, brooding mansion that has held all of the island’s secrets for centuries. It’s out there, on the edge of the grey sea, and the coming storm will release all that it has hidden.

Lia, Ed and the others are trapped on the island by the storm, fighting for more than their survival. They must fight to save their immortal souls.

Nanny at Number 43. Nicola Cassidy.
Wanted, a respectable woman to care for a motherless child.

When William D. Thomas’s wife dies in childbirth, he places an advertisement in his local newspaper seeking a nanny for his newborn child.

He is thankful when an experienced nanny arrives at 43 Laurence Street and takes over from his frazzled housekeeper Mrs McHugh.

Mrs McHugh confides in her bedridden friend Betty, who has a bird’s-eye view of all the happenings on Laurence Street, that the Nanny is not all she seems. Betty begins her own investigation into the mysterious woman.

When the bodies of twin babies are discovered buried in a back garden, by a family who have moved from their tenement home into a country cottage, a police investigation begins.

But it is Betty who holds the key to discovering who the Nanny really is … and the reason she came to 43 Laurence Street.

@sharontwriter #Indulgeinbooks list.

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Thank you…

to all the authors who have given their time to the show. Lots of fabulous authors are queued up to be featured.

Get in touch and be on the show @sharontwriter or


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