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My first Writing Workshop 2020 will take place in Donegal Town, Abbey Hotel on January 23rd.

It will be part of Well Expo 2020. Cool huh?


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I aim to keep it simple.

  • There will be a talk on my use of writing towards wellness – How I started to write, where it has gone and where it is now.
  • This will cover; journaling, blogging, short-story writing, publication on websites/magazines, self-publishing, getting novels traditionally published and lots more.

*For the workshop. We will; 

  • explore how writing can help mental health, self-awareness, relationships and realising ambitions
  • have a short discussion on dealing with criticism and providing constructive critique .
  • complete warm-up writing exercises and use a choice of short writing prompts to start the writing adventure. 

Here is what the Well Expo Donegal 2020 website says about the day’s events and workshops.

“Make 2020 your Healthiest Year Yet! Listen to inspiring speakers and experts in Mental Health, Fitness and Wellness from across Ireland. Learn how you can implement small but steady changes to create your ideal life resulting in better health, relationships, work, and family balance. This event is for everyone, including parents, teenagers, adults and families looking to add to their health and life toolkit.

At this event you will discover:

  • How to enhance mental clarity, increase energy, and reduce stress through acupuncture, and other complementary therapies
  • How to improve well being, physical and mental health through mindfulness
  • The power of writing for mental health
  • What is going on with your teenager and how you can help them
  • The link between coordination and mental agility in small children
  • Everything you need to know between pregnancy to menopause.”

*The plans may change, depending on the group and set up on the day but it will be welcoming, informal and fun.


Please come along and be involved. Be mighty for the New Year!


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Thank you x 


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