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Being ready to be content in 2020.

By 29th January 2020 10,948 Comments

To be content is my over-arching goal for 2020.

Writing contents me.

This year I will write and bring back that feeling of contentedness.

For a while now, I’ve wanted to achieve, to succeed, to move forward. Then I realised that none of that made me happy. I was busy… but I was not sure what I was busy doing or why I was doing it! I thought everything would find its place, its purpose and that I’d work hard at making all the threads work somehow. They didn’t. I was floundering.

Discussing my life goals with Kirsten de Bouter www.kirstendebouter.com I came to the conclusion that I was so busy with other things that I failed to write. Yet I knew and know the simple truth – writing makes me content.

Therefore, for 2020 I aim to write and write/talk about writing. That’s all. 

Yet…. writing workshops have been happening. I’ve run a writing tweet chat #WritersWise for years and have interviewed and listened to other writers’ wisdom. But now, it has come to the time when people wish to hear what I have to say.


Workshops (and actually giving them) has popped into my life. The fear of failure is ripe in my brain and the anguish of not writing is always close by, but I’ve given-in to believe in my abilities. Following my gut and trying new things has gripped me since I gave up my teaching job. This is just another facet of being adventurous.

I’ve learned each topic the hard way. I’m not ‘an expert’ but I present material on the trials and tribulations I found as I went/go along. Experience, empathy, and energy for the topic is important to me. I write and talk on what I’ve learned through lived mistakes and triumphs. My teaching experience for 16+ years ensures the workshop facilitation echoes my past life and I’m enjoying the process!

With guest-hosting or co-hosting events with others, I continue to learn and thrive.

Workshops and events – what kind … I hear you ask?

Since the start of 2020 I’ve lead/co-hosted a few separate writing-related events.

  • Patricia Greene, better known as @thewebclubguru asked me to co-host a face-to-face half-day workshop in Burt, Donegal. The topic was ‘Getting Content Ready 2020.’  If you needed website advice and writing website content, we covered lots on this intense, but intimate day.
  • January 23rd and the first Well Expo 2020 saw me speaking about my own writing for wellness and how others might start the same. This was a totally different experience and introduced me to lots of varied and interesting people.
  • I moderate the FREE Do Life Differently group for the author and life-change expert, Kirsten de Bouter. Do Life Differently Facebook group. We host FREE events online on various topics like this one – Make this a year to change career Make-this-the-year-to-change-career

In between all of the above – I am writing. Roll on the rest of 2020.

To summarise – I wish to help you feel content – so join some/all of these

I’ll be back again soon,

@sharontwriter x

Ps. I’d love to hear from you. Comment below or email me sharontwriter@gmail.com



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