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Calmly publishing two novels – with two publishers in Dec 2020 and Jan 2021.

By 2nd November 2020 850 Comments

Sharon Thompson signs with Poolbeg Books, Ireland.
The first book in the contract called The Murdering Wives Club will kick off The Sinful Roses series with a bang.

Paula Campbell the publisher at Poolbeg books has acquired the world English rights to The Murdering Wives Club. This novel will be published in January 2021, with further titles throughout the year. Despite lockdown, Thompson’s agent Trace Literary Agency brokered the deal.

The Murdering Wives Club is a gripping historical crime novel about a support group for women who wish to murder their husbands. The women wish to create victims rather than be them. But does it all go to plan? Returning from the trenches in WW2, Laurie Davenport is blind and traumatised. He is also convinced that his wife Charlotte wants to kill him. A convicted Irish murderer called Eve Good has started talking about her involvement in a group of murdering wives. How will she shed light on Laurie’s quest for answers? Can a blind, amateur detective survive the hidden depravity surrounding the courageous men of the 1940s?

Early readers say, “Thompson, as always finds strong female characters to give voice to. The plot is lavished with period detail, but she takes the reader on a journey of discovery with a blind, amateur sleuth… What is not to love about a historical crime novel where women are in charge? Yet again, Thompson has ticked the box for me on gritty, dark, and haunting themes.”

Sharon adds, “I’m thrilled that the Sinful Roses series has found its home. Poolbeg Books realise the potential of women creating crimes. I’m enjoying working with Poolbeg’s editor and publishing team. And, I cannot wait for readers to have this series of escapist reads.”

Another of Thompson’s works called The Quiet Truth is set to be published on 9th December 2020, with Bloodhound Books UK.

“This means that my readers will have a novel from me, in December 2020 and January 2021. I’m very proud of The Quiet Truth and my backlist of two best-selling novels with Bloodhound,” Sharon says. “I aim to work closely with them on further titles and I adore the cover for The Quiet Truth which will be revealed soon. It’s all getting exciting.”

Described as a domestic suspense novel, it has a male protagonist.

When Charlie Quinn returns to Northern Ireland, having spent sixty years in Canada, the people he left behind are shocked to see him. They presumed he was dead. But Charlie has come back for one reason. Ella, the love of his life and a notorious child murderer is back in the headlines and Charlie wants the truth to finally emerge. Life isn’t easy. But death is the most challenging thing of all…

#TheQuietTruth is set to pre-order on 11th November with a launch date of the 9th December.



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