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There are heaps of fabulous Irish book releases this month. Wait until you see this list!

I merely list all the books I hear about. This is not an endorsement list, just a — ‘Look at what’s new in Irish publishing.’

Get in touch if you have any book releases in Ireland for upcoming months. Short-lists go on Indulgeme.ie and Selfstarter.ie at start of each month.

This is FREE advertising and promotion. Just let me know in good time as I put in lists early in the month previous to publication.


The Abandoned Sharon Thompson — Also, don’t forget that my own book is available 😉


Publisher: Aria Fiction (Head of Zeus)


What Happened To Us?


 Oct 2nd publication date.

by Faith Hogan.

Carrie Nolan is devastated when she is dumped by Kevin Mulvey after more than a decade without even a backwards glance! On reflection, she has sacrificed her own long term happiness establishing their critically acclaimed Dublin restaurant and pandering to his excessive ego.

Meanwhile Kevin can’t believe his luck. Valentina, their new waitress is a stunner, the kind of girl that turns heads when she walks in a room and surprise, surprise she has chosen him! He is living the dream!

Carrie seeks solace from a circle of mismatched friends who need her as much as she needs them. Jane, who struggles to run the pub on the opposite side of the street, Luke, who has stopped drifting while his father settles in a nearby nursing home and Teddy, a dog who asks for nothing more than the chance to stay by Carrie’s side.

With Christmas just around the corner, all is not quite as it seems and a catastrophic sequence of events leads to the unthinkable…
How far do you need to fall before you learn the true value of family and friends? And is it ever too late to start again…

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Harper Collins.

 18th October publication.

A Thousand Roads Home Carmel Harrington

Warm, powerful and unforgettable, Irish Times best-selling author

Carmel Harrington’s new novel is about second chances, friendship and unlikely heroes.

Where is home? Wherever the people you love are. 

Single mother, Ruth, and her son, DJ, have never truly fitted in, but that’s never mattered, so long as they were together.

When their home in Dublin comes under threat, their quiet life changes forever but not in the way they imagined.

DJ meets Tom, a man who ten years ago walked out of his house and never looked back.

Ruth, DJ and Tom have all felt like outsiders. Burdened with grief and insecurities, they are not living their best lives.

But together, these three ordinary people will do an extraordinary thing.

Everyone has felt like an outsider at some point in their lives.

This is the book that will make you feel you belong. 




O’Brien Press

Sarah Webb

 1st October – OUT NOW.

Ready to walk in their footsteps?

A world of bravery and adventure awaits you.

Meet trailblazers and game-changers from Irish history who changed the world. Prepare to be inspired!

A truly inspiring new book, written by Sarah Webb and beautifully illustrated by Lauren O’Neill.

Sarah Webb is a writer for children and adults. A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea: Favourite Rhymes from an Irish Childhood (with Steve McCarthy) won the Irish Book Awards Children’s Book of the Year (Junior) in 2017 and was shortlisted for the Children’s Books Ireland Book of the Year Awards 2018. Sarah won the Children’s Books Ireland Award for Outstanding Contribution to Children’s Books in 2015. Sarah also runs Story Crew: Write, Draw, Create, which provides writing clubs and creative workshops for children and the young at heart. She is the Children’s Literary Advisor to Listowel Writers’ Week. Sarah has a great love of history and over the years has been inspired by many remarkable women, from her primary school English teacher Miss Cahill, to her history of art lecturer at Trinity College, Dublin, Professor Anne Crookshank.

Lauren O’Neill is a curly-haired, Wexford-born illustrator and graduate of NCAD who now lives and works in Dublin City. She lives with her husband, Dónal, and spends most of her time in or near her home studio, drawing, eating biscuits or going on nature walks with their dog, Smudge. She often does drawing workshops for children, usually learning more from them than they do from her. Lauren’s work can be found on the covers and insides of several books for children, and she is the proud winner of the Children’s Books Ireland Honour Award for Illustration 2016 for Gulliver, Jonathan Swift’s classic tale retold by Mary Webb, also published by The O’Brien Press.


Mercier Press

 Out Now.

Falling for a Farmer  Maura McElhone.

Blending amusing anecdotes with thoughtful reflections and lessons in love, life and farming, Falling for a Farmer takes readers on the journey of a returned emigrant who comes back to Ireland looking to rediscover home, and does so, albeit through unexpected means. A sort of Bridget Jones’s Diary meets All Creatures Great and Small, Falling for a Farmer is one woman’s true life story of her journey from wide-eyed townie to full-blown farmer’s girlfriend. From pulling calves and wrapping bales, to being ‘stood up for silage’ and receiving the phone call that every farmer’s loved ones dread, Maura McElhone’s memoir chronicles the often humorous, sometimes sobering experiences that ensue when town and country collide.”

Patricia Scanlan provided the cover quote and said, “I was hooked from page one. Hilarious, evocative, poignant, perceptive and beautifully written, it will strike a chord with every reader. I LOVED it!”

 Out Now.

Deeply moving and evocative prose. Haunting, tender yet hopeful. Pilgrim is a beautiful read that lingers. – Carmel Harrington

In this cynical age it’s a joy to encounter such sincerity, and wonderfully unexpected to see contemporary fiction as a profession of fervent yet gentle faith. Louise is a brave and humane writer, a breath of the freshest air. – Donal Ryan

In Dublin, fourteen-year-old Jen and her father, Charlie, are struggling to cope with the death of their mother/wife. Charlie, in particular, seems to have given up on life. When Jen’s aunt, Suzanne, convinces them to go on a pilgrimage to a strange village in Yugoslavia, there is hope that some solace or healing may be brought to their broken lives. On their arrival, however, they find a village in upheaval. An influx of pilgrims have swarmed into the village, each looking for their own miracle. Then there are the local police, who aim to suppress this so-called ‘revolution’. Amid all this, Jen makes a friend, Iva – one of the children who claims to have seen the Virgin Mary.

Told with a deep humanity and grace, Pilgrim is a story about a man who feels he has nothing to live for, and a daughter who is determined to prove him wrong.

Epoque Press

Out now.
The Groundsmen delves into the fractured lives of a family blemished by a darkly disturbing past. The secrets kept hidden over multiple generations taint them all and as events spiral out of control in a cycle of violence, none of them will escape.


Gill Books

The Magic Moment by Niall Breslin. Illustrator Sheena Dempsey.

Billy’s first trip to the swimming pool is scary. So scary in fact, that Billy just wants to go home. Later that evening, Nana teaches him a secret trick. It’s called the Magic Moment Trick and it gives you superpowers when you’re facing something scary. Billy practices Nana’s trick. But will it be enough to get him to jump in?


Legend Press.

 Oct 18th release date.

The Reckoning Clar Ni Chonghaile

From the author of Rain Falls on Everyone and Fractured

I have a story to tell you, Diane. It is my story and your story and the story of a century that remade the world. When we reach the end, you will be the ultimate arbiter of whether it was worth your time. You will also sit in judgment on me.

In a cottage in Normandy, Lina Rose is writing to the daughter she abandoned as a baby. Now a successful if enigmatic author, she is determined to trace her family’s history through the two world wars that shaped her life. But Lina can no longer bear to carry her secrets alone, and once the truth is out, can she ever be forgiven?

Chonghaile stuns in her second book for Legend Press weaving a complex narrative covering conflict, secrets, judgement and what it takes to sever family ties.



 Oct 18th

It’s winter on the Finfarran peninsula and, as Cassie Fitzgerald, fresh from Toronto, is about to discover, there’s more to Christmas on the west coast of Ireland than mistletoe and mince pies.

Enchanted by the small town where her dad was born, Cassie gets involved in a competition for the best local Winter Fest, and joins local librarian Hanna Casey’s writing group in Lissbeg Library.

But the more she’s drawn into the town’s run-up to Christmas, the more questions Cassie encounters. Why does her sweet-tempered grandmother Pat find it so hard to express her feelings? What’s going on between Pat and her miserly husband Ger? What happened in the past between the Fitzgeralds and Hanna’s redoubtable mother Mary Casey? And what about Shay: handsome, funny, smart and intent on making Cassie’s stay as exciting as he can. Is he the one for her?

As Christmas Eve approaches, Cassie discovers that love, family and friendship bring the real magic to the festive season – even if the locals of Lissbeg need an outsider to help them see it.

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