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Woman’s Way – Writing Short Stories

By 4th November 2020 878 Comments


I submitted my short stories to Woman’s Way in 2020 and they got published! I read the magazine and pay for it to be delivered. It was thrilling to see my stories included twice. It’s a leading, Irish magazine. It features lots of literary news. Having my story in the midst of writing and writers is very exciting!

The magazine editor seems to like – 800 words and a story with a clear arc or plot from descriptive beginning, solid middle, and nice satisfying ending. My two stories were different in tone. The first was in my usual dark historical fiction style called “Small Expectations” and the other was a fun modern rom-com “My Agent Called.”

You don’t get paid for these stories and your name is in very small print along the side – but if you want validation and to be published – this is a quick, easy and pleasing way to add to your confidence and CV. Sometimes these smaller works spark off a novel for me. Dip your toe in the water with 800 words and see if your idea works. But, don’t get disillusioned if it is not accepted as it all depends on other stories published, what they are currently looking for, or lots of other business decisions that may have nothing to do with your stories.

When you submit it may take a while to hear back and also it may not be in the magazine for many months – so leave time and patience aside for waiting. Also, if it is for a seasonal time, submit at least six months early and say it is for Xmas, Valentine’s Day or Easter etc.

I’m hoping some ideas come for fun pieces, as I enjoy writing and submitting my short stories.

Published May 2020 – submitted January 2020.



Published October 2020 – submitted March 2020.

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